What to Do When Things Go Awry

Not all real estate transactions go smoothly. In the commercial real estate business, a "special asset" generally refers to resolving problem loans and equity investments related to a property that is under-performing. "REO" stands for "real estate owned," and special asset management encompasses maximizing the value of these special assets so that the process of disposition may go as smoothly and as profitably as possible.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Lake Country is dedicated to helping financial institutions maximize the value of an under-performing property. We are experienced in all stages of the foreclosure process and already work with many banks in the Central Georgia region. We can help you sell your special assets confidently and professionally.

Our Mission and Plan

We work with all of our clients on an individual basis in order to come up with a custom plan. It's not easy to deal with depreciating assets, but our experts at Coldwell Banker Commercial Lake Country have seen it all. Whether you are a financial institution with troubled assets, an owner dealing with a foreclosure situation, or if your property simply isn't performing up to par in market value, we can work with you to make the best of the situation.

If your property is depreciating in value, don't panic - get in contact with us right away so we can come up with an action plan that can save you time, money, and frustration. Our ultimate mission is for you to walk away from any special asset property transaction feeling confident that the outcome was as favorable as possible.

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